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At Matrix Migration & Education we can assist you in the preparation and lodgement of visa applications. Please contact us to check your eligibility for visa options.

General Skilled Migration

This visa category is for highly skilled individuals who would like to migrate to Australia. This is a point tested visa category. Steps involved in General skilled migration are:

  • Lodge and get a positive skills assessment from the relevant body of your nominated occupation

  • Submit your Expression of interest (EOI) through skills select.

Work Visa

This visa category is for highly skilled individuals who would like to migrate to Australia. This is a point tested visa category. Steps involved in General skilled migration are:

  • Lodge and get a positive skills assessment from the relevant body of your nominated occupation

  • Submit your Expression of interest (EOI) through skills select.

Employer Sponsored Visa

The employer sponsored visas allows Australian businesses to sponsor skilled labour to serve their business needs.
Types of work visas :

  • Temporary Skilled shortage visa (Subclass 482)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186)
  • Skilled employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa subclass 494
  • Temporary Activity visa (Subclass 408)

Family Visa

This visa category has 4 types of visa :

  • Partner Visa Onshore (820/801) Offshore (309/100)
  • Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300
  • Parent Visa Subclass 884, 864
  • Child Visa Subclass 101, 445 and 802
  • Adoption Visa Subclass 102

Visitor Visa

Australian Visitor visa can be taken for the recreational purposes, visiting family, medical treatment.

Feel free to consult us for all kinds of visitor visas.

Business & Investment Visa

Our team have experience in Business visas. Please contact us to check your eligibility and confidential discussion with our Registered Migration agent.

  • Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa Subclass 188
  • Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa Subclass 888

AAT Appeals & Review

AAT (Administrative Appeal Tribunal) is the only body that has authority to review the merits of a visa application that has been refused by the Department of Home affairs case officer.
Our Registered Migration Agents have extensive knowledge of Australian Migration law and can skilfully prepare and fight for your Visa application that is refused or cancelled by the Department of Home affairs.
We advise you to immediately contact us to help you make an appeal against your Australian visa application refusal.

Student Visa

Student visa Subclass 500 have several types of Streams. For more information about student visas, visit Department of Home Affairs


1. Higher Education (Bachelors & Masters) 2. Vocational Education and Training Sector (VET) 3. Independent ELICOS Sector 4. Schools Sector (Primary and Secondary) 5. Non-Award Sector 6. Postgraduate Research Sector
On Student visa you can stay for the duration of your study course. You must be enrolled in full time course at recognised educational institute
You can only work up to 40 hours per fortnight. A fortnight means a period of 14 days starting from Monday.
You can view a full list of conditions for this visa on the Department of Home Affairs website.
Student visa comes with visa conditions. You can view a full list of visa conditions for this visa on the Department of Home Affairs page.

More About Family Visas

There are 2 types of Partner visas:
1. Partner visa Subclass 309/100 (apply overseas)
2. Partner visa subclass 820/100 (apply in Australia)
Partner visas are assessed on the basis genuine relationship with the Partner. The assessment is based on 4 pillars which are household, social aspects, genuine relationship and commitment to each other.

Prospective marriage is also known as Fiancé visa which is designed for someone who wishes to come to
Australia to marry their sponsor.

1. Aged parent visa subclass 804
2. Contributory Parent visa subclass 143 & 173 (Offshore)
3. Contributory Aged Parent visa subclass 864 & 884 (onshore) for those who are not subject to 8503
condition and/or Section 48 of the Migration Act

There are multiple options for children to apply for Australian visas. This visa is for children under the age of 18
who are single and intend to come or stay in Australia on a permanent basis.
1. Subclass 101 (offshore) and Subclass 802 (onshore)
2. Dependent child visa subclass 445
3. Orphan Relative visa subclass 117 (offshore) and subclass 837 (onshore)
4. Adoption visa subclass 102 (offshore)


Kamal Singh
Kamal Singh
Excellent and valuable service. A huge thank to Amit Joshi for helping us for our visa file and his hard work and dedication. I had a wonderful experience with them; it was so reassuring that everything was made smooth. They did a really wonderful job. Please do visit them to have a solution for your visa problem.
anil beniwal
anil beniwal
Great service, never ending support and professional gudiance. They were informative throughout the entire process . They explained well the whole process to us from my wife's tourist visa to permanent residency and made it a stress free all throughout. Keep up the good work MATRIX MIGRATION & EDUCATION and keep helping others to make their dreams be fullfilled here in australia. Special thanks to Mr. Harman singh. Keep up the very good work👍
Manne Kaur
Manne Kaur
Highly recommended.. really great service.. I got my TR yesterday... thank you so much Harman Bhaji..
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur
Higly recommended.. really great service..I got my TR yesterday.. thank you so much Harman bhaji...
Rahul Dhawan
Rahul Dhawan
Met Harman a few times now he is an honest man and gives the right advise for all ypur visa related queries. Give him a call you won't be disappointed.
Rohit Singla
Rohit Singla
If you are after one of the most experienced migration agents to discuss your visa, then definitely get in touch with Mr Harman Singh. No BS here, only quality work.
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur
The team at Matrix Migration and education were extremely supportive for the smooth process of obtaining/ converting student visa for my sister. They made sure they got everything done at right time without any issues. Their customer service, client relationship and supportive service what makes them different then any other Migration services in Brisbane. HIGHLY recommend..😊
First of all thanks to the Matrix Migration & Education team for getting me the positive outcome towards my 482 visa . My student visa was expiring in March 2021 and I was suggested by one of my friends to visit Matrix Migration for their professional and affordable services. I consulted with numerous agents earlier but Matrix Migration is one of the best I found in terms of visa consultation fee and their proficient guidance. They recommended me 482 visa based on my profile and guided me professionally throughout the visa process. They lodged my visa application on 11th March 2021 and on 19th April 2021 I was granted a visa. I would highly recommend people to choose Matrix Migration & Education for any sort of immigration work because they are expert with the right approaches which results the positive outcome
rupinder mangat
rupinder mangat
Great service. They saved lots of my time and money by giving me expert advices. I’m so thankful to Amit for his excellent service. I highly recommend Matrix migration and education services to everyone whoever need help.
Harpreet singh
Harpreet singh
I was looking for the Best Immigration lawyer and glad that I found Mr. Amit Joshi.. And he told me that he will be in touch and guiding me through the whole process until full success .. My case was really difficult and other lawyers didn’t know where to begin and how to help me. Mr. Amit listened carefully the details of my case, He explained to me the process I was about to go through, It was not easy process and took some time... But because of his hard work my immigration case was approved and most importantly, now I’ve got my partner visa subclass 309 and I can concentrate on my family, work without restrictions and travel. I am full of happiness.... Me and my Wife strongly recommend this place to all the people who are willing to apply for Australian visa... Please continue to guide, support and help other people like us. God Bless you more and thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Visa Services

1. Employer Sponsored Visa
2. Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa - 482
3. Employer Nomination Scheme - 186
4. Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa - 494

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Visa Services

1. Partner Visas (Onshore/Offshore)
2. Prospective Marriage Visas
3. Aged Parent Visa
4. Contributory Parent Visas
5. Child Visas including Adoption Visa
6. Remaining Relative Visa

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Visa Services

1. General Skilled Migration
2. Student Visa
3. Visitor Visa
4. AAT Appeals & Review
5. Business & Investment Visas (All Categories)
6. Skills Assessment -7.Temporary Activity Visa - 408

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